Both rich in history and culture, let’s check out some of the most famous breweries and sawmills in Scotland.


Innis & Gunn

Primarily based in Edinburgh, Innis & Gunn is an independent business that has been operational since 2002. Its famous brew is created at Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow, which has also become very popular in Canada.

Caledonian Brewery

Founded in 1869, Caledonian Brewery has truly stood against the test of time – but is now owned by Heineken International after being passed down to generations after generations. Its famous brews include Edinburgh Castle and Flying Scotsman.

Wellpark Brewery

Best known for its trademark brew called Tennent’s Lager, Wellpark Brewery has also stood against the test of time since it was founded back in 1740 by Hugh and Robert Tennent. It was first called Drygate Brewery, taken after the place where it was founded: Drygate Bridge in Glasgow.

Valhalla Brewery

Taken after Norse mythology’s Valhalla, Odin’s Great Hall and where warriors gather for a drink, this brewery was first opened in 1997 by Sonny and Silvia Priest. It has six well-known brews: Auld Rock, Simmer Dim Sjolmet Stout, White Wife, Old Scatness, and Bere.


Scottish Sawmilling Services

One of the well-known sawmills in Scotland, Scottish Sawmilling Services offer more than just cutting down trees for timbers and firewood. They also offer different wood cuts and pieces for every house building needs of yours.

Murthly Sawmill

Located at just South of Dunkeld and North of Perth at Pittensorn Road, they also don’t just offer cutting tree services. They also offer garden wood products, stock and deer fences, and gates and ironmongery – all of which are sturdy and made out of high quality wood.

Garnaburn Sawmill

A family-run business first founded in 1832, Garnaburn Sawmill is a well-known timber and fence supplier in Southwest Scotland. Their range of product and service offers extends throughout Ayrshire, Wigtown Shire, and South Lanarkshire.

There’s also Ridings Sawmills, which you can learn more about here. And while at it, check out my favorite skill saw guide!

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