12 Best Vacation Destinations for Beer Lovers

There is nothing like a taste of good beer that makes a place even more memorable for beer lovers. You may find delicious brews at home if you know where to look. But a drink of some of the world’s finest brews in cities that have a rich tradition of beer-making is an experience you probably would not want to miss. Here are some of the world’s best cities if you are looking for an ultimate beer trip.

1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Why go: Home to some of the world’s renowned brands like Amstel and Heineken, numerous bars that serve a wide range of Dutch beers and international brands

2. Bruges, Belgium
brugs beertje
Why go: A veritable hub of beer tours, “Around Bruges in 80 Beers”, enjoy the taste of delicious beer while soaking in the scenic views, destinations like the ‘t Brugs Beertje and Staminee De Garre

3. Brussels, Belgium
Why go: Heart of the country’s thriving beer industry, a wide variety of brews to choose from, beer tours, events and festivals like the Belgian Beer Weekend, local pubs and bars like Delirium that serve more than 2,000 varieties of beer

4. Denver, Colorado, USA
Why go: Home of the Great American Beer Festival, other beer-related events like the Beer and Bacon Festival, a huge number of breweries and pubs, the Denver Beer Co. and more

5. Dublin, Ireland
guinness storehouse
Why go: Home of Guinness and many other known brands like Harp and Murphy’s, Guinness Storehouse tour, several types of Irish brews to choose from, Irish pub crawls, traditional alehouses

6. Edinburgh, Scotland
edinburgh pub
Why go: A long and rich history of brewing, a huge number of pubs, experience drinking locally-brewed ales and beers in well-known pubs

7. Montreal, Canada
Why go: Mondial de la bière and other beer festivals, craft beer tours and bars, breweries

8. Munich, Germany
Why go: Home of the Oktoberfest, beer lovers’ haven, a long tradition of beer drinking, the Hofbräuhaus beer hall, breweries, traditional beer gardens

9. Portland, Oregon, USA
Why go: High concentration of breweries with more than 50 breweries, locally-grown ingredients like barley and hops, numerous pubs and taverns, Oregon Brewers Festival, attractions like the Portland’s Brew Bus Tour, brew pub crawls

10. Prague, Czech Republic
Why go: A rich tradition of beer making and beer drinking, affordable place to drink amber ale, historic pubs and beer halls, Pilsner Urquell and other local brews

11. Seoul, South Korea
korean beer
Why go: Emerging hub for beer lovers, delicious and good quality local beers, beer neighborhood destinations like Itaewon, unique and great tasting local brews

12. Tokyo, Japan
Why go: A place where you can get beer almost everywhere, vending machines across the city dispenses some of the best tasting brews you can easily find, several pubs and bars that offer local brews and international brands, vibrant local craft beer scene, craft beer bars like Popeye, breweries that are a short road trip or train ride from Tokyo

beer bread making

Share Your Beer Bread Delight

Have you thought of beer infused baked goodies in cafes? An artisan Hefeweizen Bread is a perfect treat for a baker and a beer lover like you.  The wheat beer makes it possible to make your Beer Focaccia Bread. The Swiss Beer Bread and the Rosemary Red Onion Beer Bread are also a perfect try.  The yeast in beer makes the recipe just so great. Serve your super delicious baked treats with a cold beer and chill out.

Win the day with your simple creations with a beer in it and taste the big difference.  But before you indulge in baking with a bottle conditioned beer, make sure that you own one of the top rated bread machines of this year to make sure that you have a fantastic time making your beer bread.  Bread and beer seem to be like partners that some people may wonder if the two can produce alcoholic bread.  They won’t because the beer will be cooked during the baking process. So the two are natural partners and should go together.

beer bread making

Take home all the delicious beer bread recipes and taste the greatest delight for a beer lover like you. The compact bread can make you happy and contented.  Make more savory beer bread and your husband will surely bite the idea.  The hearty beer bread recipes can keep you excited when you bake. With the added beer, your bread is just so tasteful and soft.  The beer will serve as the liquid and the leavening in the baking process. Your bread has a proper rise with the yeast in beer so there’s no need to add teaspoons of bread machine yeast.

As beer and bread share the yeast in both their creation process, the two is just so perfect to make beer bread.  All you need are flour, beer, and sugar. Don’t forget to include a leavening agent such as baking soda or baking powder to make sure that your beer bread is not sturdy.

Different beers can enhance the flavor of your loaves.  Using a dark beer will result in darker bread.  Baking bread with beer becomes incredibly simple with a bread machine.  So what are you waiting for? Try making beer bread now and get the flavourful taste of the perfect tandem for baking. Don’t be a beer snob or else you will miss the tasty flavor in beer bread.  Will it be Lion stout,  Sierra Nevada,  or pilsner? Which brews do you have? Make your quick bread now and enjoy the super delicious treat for the whole family!

Breweries & Sawmills In Scotland

Both rich in history and culture, let’s check out some of the most famous breweries and sawmills in Scotland.


Innis & Gunn

Primarily based in Edinburgh, Innis & Gunn is an independent business that has been operational since 2002. Its famous brew is created at Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow, which has also become very popular in Canada.

Caledonian Brewery

Founded in 1869, Caledonian Brewery has truly stood against the test of time – but is now owned by Heineken International after being passed down to generations after generations. Its famous brews include Edinburgh Castle and Flying Scotsman.

Wellpark Brewery

Best known for its trademark brew called Tennent’s Lager, Wellpark Brewery has also stood against the test of time since it was founded back in 1740 by Hugh and Robert Tennent. It was first called Drygate Brewery, taken after the place where it was founded: Drygate Bridge in Glasgow.

Valhalla Brewery

Taken after Norse mythology’s Valhalla, Odin’s Great Hall and where warriors gather for a drink, this brewery was first opened in 1997 by Sonny and Silvia Priest. It has six well-known brews: Auld Rock, Simmer Dim Sjolmet Stout, White Wife, Old Scatness, and Bere.


Scottish Sawmilling Services

One of the well-known sawmills in Scotland, Scottish Sawmilling Services offer more than just cutting down trees for timbers and firewood. They also offer different wood cuts and pieces for every house building needs of yours.

Murthly Sawmill

Located at just South of Dunkeld and North of Perth at Pittensorn Road, they also don’t just offer cutting tree services. They also offer garden wood products, stock and deer fences, and gates and ironmongery – all of which are sturdy and made out of high quality wood.

Garnaburn Sawmill

A family-run business first founded in 1832, Garnaburn Sawmill is a well-known timber and fence supplier in Southwest Scotland. Their range of product and service offers extends throughout Ayrshire, Wigtown Shire, and South Lanarkshire.

There’s also Ridings Sawmills, which you can learn more about here. And while at it, check out my favorite skill saw guide!

Japanese Beers That Should Be on Your Must-Try List

japanese beer

Enjoying a drink in Japan is one of the highlights of visiting the country. Choosing which types of beers to drink can be overwhelming given the wide array of home-grown and international brands available. Creating a short list may be difficult with so many good brews around, but here are some of the top Japanese beers that should be on your must-try list.

Asahi Style Free
Highlights: Low-calorie beer, strictly not beer but definitely tastes like one

Asahi Super Dry
Highlights: Super dry, bitter taste, suitable for drinkers who don’t want weak beer

Baird Beer
Highlights: Craft beer that pairs well with various kinds of dishes, made using a traditional method, rich aroma

Coedo Beer
Highlights: Multi-awarded beer brand, locally brewed in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, comes in different styles each of which has been awarded accolades in various beer competitions, uses out of the ordinary ingredients like sweet potato for the Beniaka

Doppo Beers
Highlights: Popular craft beer, uses ingredients like omachi rice for its lager beer, comes up with seasonal beers like dark chocolate stout

Highlights: Contains less sugar than regular beers, uses spring water among its unique ingredients

Kirin Ichiban Shibori
Highlights: Made using the first juice extracted from the beer ingredients, bittersweet taste

Premium Malt’s
Highlights: Known for quality, rich taste, exquisite floral aroma

Sapporo Nama Beer Black Label
Highlights: Made using the finest ingredients, catering to drinkers with a different and more mature taste

Tanrei Green Label
Highlights: Low-calorie beer, lesser sugar content than regular beer

Yebisu Beer
Highlights: Rich aroma and taste, pricey compared with other regular beers, production adheres to stringent German standards, interntionally-sourced ingredients,

Yona Yona Ale
Highlights: Craft beer with a delicious fruity aroma, citrusy scent blends well with the flavors of malt and hop